Future Stories

Share tomorrow’s story, today. Engage heads and hearts. Deliver your vision

All organisations have a corporate vision. Many have product and service visions too. Visions that are central to their strategic plan, that intend to engage and inspire loyalty and action.

How many organisations, though, bring their visions to life in truly memorable ways? Ways akin to an immersive experience? Ways that engage both the heads and hearts of those they need to take action?

We help organisations bring their visions to life in text and film formats by drawing on futurism, the science of storytelling, behavioural science, film-making, and the art of performance.

Create and disseminate the story of your future

  • Do you have a new vision that you want to present in a way that hooks heads and hearts?
  • Perhaps you have an existing vision that feels old, stale, stagnant, or even just plain old wrong?
  • Maybe you need your employees to pull together, get behind a vision – old, new, or emerging – and make stuff happen?
  • Or, do you have a strategic launch event coming up, where you want to wow your audience with a picture of your future that will stay with them long after the event has ended?

Our inclusion-informed Future Stories offer up immersive experiences that enable stakeholders to innerstand* your utopian vision and commit to making it their reality by osmosis.

* Innerstanding: the ability to understand something at an inner level, whereby your values align to such an extent that the ‘doing’ of that which is understood becomes intuitive.

Bring your vision to life

Guided by your mission, vision and values, we paint utopian – and on occasion, dystopian – pictures of your organisation’s future in ways that connect to your stakeholders’ heads and hearts. A finely-crafted final call to action inspires these people to put their hands up too, committing to make your utopia their reality.*

We start with a conversation. We work with you to develop a script. Then, depending on your needs, we work with our expert writers, producers, actors and directors to bring your story to life in text and/ or film.

Our Future Stories bring your organisation’s vision to life. Your utopia becomes reality.

* Please note: This is not a training programme. We can also train individuals to write and deliver stories. See our storytelling service.