Connection Sessions

Connect colleagues, grow engagement

Is recruiting and retaining progressive, forward thinking, creative innovators key to your organisation’s continuing success and growth?

Are you looking for new, original ways to attract and reward tomorrow’s changemakers, today?

We can help.

Move from dull to dynamic, disparate to connected

  • Struggling with recruiting and retaining the right people?
  • Engagement scores not where you need them to be?
  • Productivity low?
  • Poor connections leading to siloed thinking?

Or, maybe your recruitment and retention is going well, but you’re looking for new ways to reward your brilliant team …

Our Connections Sessions will help.

Shape your teams’ perceptions

Our Connection Sessions encourage innovators to join, connect, collaborate, and stay in organisations, and to promote organisations as cool places to work.

We begin with a conversation with you to identify your passion and pain points, then we design inclusion-informed Connections Sessions that typically run for two hours over lunch or at the end of day.

Borrowing from improvisation and storytelling toolkits, these sessions are designed to:

Spark big thinking
Heighten a sense of belonging, connection, and wellbeing
Activate fun
Promote thoughtful interaction
Elicit joy