Rina Mahoney

Photo of Rina Mahoney

An experienced educator, Rina has spent thirty years in the training room as a professional role player and facilitator for numerous assessment centres and development centres.

She is passionate about utilising her skills and experience as a professional actress to benefit and develop others in the teaching arena understanding the importance of offering contextualised feedback which is evidence based and delivered in a constructive manner to best enable the growth of those in the training environment.

Since 1991 she has been an associate with numerous leading drama-based learning and development training companies, in the UK and internationally, where she has provided role play, facilitation and more latterly one to one development coaching.

Rina has a Level 5 Coaching Diploma from the University of Warwick where she qualified in July 2017 with a special interest in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and is the founder of the PAVE! Coaching System – a personal impact and presentation skills coaching programme, which she delivers on a one to one or small group basis.

She has worked extensively in the public and education sectors as a coach and facilitator with the NHS (including their Leadership Academy), The University of Birmingham on their Referred Students programme and their Referred Doctor Programme working with healthcare professionals at all levels, including Senior Consultants, exploring day to day issues arising from a need for improved communication skills working in alignment with GMC (General Medical Council) values and guidelines. As a role player she has been part of Advanced communication skills (Connected) courses for more than eight years.

Rina regularly programmes for companies adapting a coaching culture being proficient with the teaching and the practical application of models such as GROW. She is also a regular coach with senior managers from PwC, global senior leaders at IBM and senior nurse practitioners (through to consultant level) in the NHS.