Antony Quinn

Photo of Antony Quinn

Antony is CTO and co-founder of The Communication Practice. He became a role-play actor in 2016 after a long career in software development, UX design and genomics.

He has worked as a role-player with clinicians on Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust’s leadership programme, lawyers at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School, technical leaders at design engineering multinational ARM, and trainee coaches at Germany’s Solutions Academy.

As a facilitator, he designs and delivers creative leadership training and events for organisations in science and technology, drawing on theories and practices from agile software development, improvised theatre, design thinking and cultural intelligence.

He has run public workshops on interpersonal communication for The School of Life and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and workshops on creativity and collaboration for engineers and designers at major conferences.

He studied economics in France, computer science and interaction design in London, genetics in Cambridge, and improvised theatre with improv pioneer Keith Johnstone. Alongside his native English, he speaks fluent French and Spanish.

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